Doubt (2)

‘Doubt Kills More Dreams than Failure Ever Will’

You go wrong when you don’t believe in yourself. Failure isn’t the part that will end up crushing all of your dreams, it’s when you doubt yourself and your abilities. If you really dream of achieving something, then set your mind to it, believe in yourself, and believe you can obtain the results you wish for. You can, and will be able to do it. Anything is possible!



I can’t quite believe how fast this time has passed, but today my blog, Arty Allsorts, has officially been around for 2 whole years!! I can’t even begin to thank you all enough for all of the views, follows, comments and likes, as they really do mean the world to me. The support that my blog has received from you all is so amazing and so incredibly sweet.

I really feel like over the past 2 years I’ve grown as a blogger so much, and reading all of your responses and comments, whether telling me how I can improve or if you liked a post help me endlessly and makes it all so rewarding.

Now, as we step into another year of Arty Allsorts, I want to make sure my content for you all is bigger and better than ever, so please, if there is anything that you want me to post, be sure to let me know in the comments below.

Thank you all for taking the time out of your day to give my blog a read, whether this is your first time here, or whether you’ve been around for the past 2 years, you are all amazing!!


-Arty AllsortsXOXO (2)




‘The Best View Comes After the Hardest Climb’

Things won’t just get handed to you in life. You have to work for everything. But with all of that hard work, you will get the most rewarding results. You will hit low points, unable to see any way out of that state, but just keep climbing, no matter how tough and steep it may be, because you will be so proud of yourself when you find success at the end of it all. And when you feel down and think it’s all just a waste of your time, keep your head held high and continue to keep aiming and working for your goals, as you can do it. Everything is possible!

-Arty AllsortsXOXO (2)


Merry Christmas! (2).jpg

It’s not a massive post today, but I just wanted to check in and wish everyone a massive MERRY CHRISTMAS!!!! I really hope you all have an amazing day.

This also marks my final day of Blogmas. It’s been my first year joining in with it, and it’s been amazing! I really hope you all enjoyed my posts this month, and everybody else’s.

But, once again Merry Christmas everyone, and enjoy your day to its fullest!


-Arty AllsortsXOXO (2)

My Favourite Blogmas Posts -BLOGMAS DAY 24

Oh my goodness gracious me, can you believe it’s Christmas Eve, because I for one find it hard to believe!! This month has raced by… this entire year has to be honest! But, I thought today I would look back through the month of December and pick out some of my favourite Blogmas posts from other bloggers.


So, kicking this list off is Katie from LifeofKitty with her ‘Preparing for Christmas Eve and Day‘ post. I love her little preparation routine, and I think a lot of us can relate to preparing ourselves for Christmas Day, having our own little routine to get through. I also think Katie takes some of the cutest pictures, so you’ll definitely have to hop over and check out her blog!

Next up is Chloe, from Mojichlo, with her post ‘The Essential Christmas #BoxOfLame‘, featuring her own product; the ‘Box of Lame’. Technically this post isn’t a Blogmas post, so don’t hate me for putting it on this list, but seriously check it out, how couldn’t I, it’s just so super adorable, and I am completely in love with her #BoxOfLame!!

A post that I definitely loved this month was Erin’s ‘Best of Christmas‘, from MakeErinOver. I could definitely relate to quite a few items in her top picks from Christmas time, including the Christmas movies, Christmas jumpers, and for sure keeping cosy!

Then there’s Rachel’s amazingly delicious ‘Christmas Cupcakes‘ blog post, over at Little Life of Rachel. Her little cupcakes looked so gorgeous, and I definitely need to find a spare bit of time to bake some myself!

Last, but most definitely not least was Dyan from ‘The Little Blog of Everything‘, with her post for ‘Christmas Jumper Day‘. This is for sure a post calling to me, as I think we’ve all gathered that I love to get all cosy, and since I live in jumpers, having Christmassy ones are a must!


Who are some of your favourite bloggers, and what blog post caught your eye this December?

-Arty AllsortsXOXO (2)


Children’s DIY Reindeer Food -BLOGMAS DAY 23

One thing I always remember doing every Christmas Eve before bed as a child was throwing some reindeer food out on my garden. I always thought it was soooo much better than putting out some carrots and water, so here’s a simple way for children to make their own reindeer food.


What you need:

  • Oats
  • Raisins
  • Edible glitter
  • Cake decorations


The most important part of the reindeer food are the oats and raisins, to help give those reindeer enough energy for the entire night.


Then you definitely need to add a bunch of different cake decorations, or anything else that’s edible and you feel like those little reindeer would like to munch on.

Last, but not least, no one can forget to add glitter, as this is what will sparkle and glisten in the moonlight, capturing the attention of the reindeer! Just make sure that it’s an edible glitter, and not one you would use for crafts, as you don’t want those reindeer getting ill.


I love how simple this reindeer food is, and I also love the memories of getting everything prepared for Santa and the reindeer on Christmas Eve. I hope that the love of the tradition of making reindeer food on Christmas Eve will be enjoyed by another little soul now, since as a child it used to be something that I was always excited to do and get prepared.


-Arty AllsortsXOXO (2)

Last Minute Stocking Fillers Under £10 (For Her) -BLOGMAS DAY 22

I for one feel like December is rushing by, and that might mean that some of you are still a bit stuck for what to get as some of your final presents or little stocking fillers for friends and family, so I’m going to give you a run down of 10 gifts under £10 for women.


Tanya Burr Cosmetic Bag – Superdrug

This lovely gift is on sale for £10 currently at Superdrug. It’s got a mirror, lipgloss and lip liner all within this gorgeous cosmetic bag covered in a baby pink lip design.

Zoella ‘Fragrance Gift Set’ – Superdrug

A scent I always associate with Christmas is gingerbread, so this is why I thought the new Zoella Gingerbread Fragrance Set would be the perfect stocking filler.

Bird Earring Stand – Sass and Belle

This earring stand is so adorable, and has quite a vintage look to it. It’s also a brilliant stocking filler for if you also give the person a pair of earrings as part of their main present.

Alphabet Scented Candle – Next

You can’t go wrong with a candle, so what can be better than a fresh, white jasmine candle with the person’s initial on it.

Owl Windchime – Matalan

Of course one of the stocking fillers I had to show you was owl related. So here’s this beautiful, copper owl windchime.

Trinket Dish – Oliver Bonas

These little cat trinket dishes are absolutely adorable, same as everything else in Oliver Bonas to be honest.

Grapefruit and Orange Lip Balm – Oliver Bonas

Lip balms always make the perfect little stocking fillers, and are always a hit. Plus, I love grapefruit scented items.

Ring Holder – Oliver Bonas

This matches with the trinket dish, and is a really super cute cat to hold your rings, with a very modern white background and gold markings.

Cactus Trinket Pot – Oliver Bonas

Here’s yet again another way to store your jewellery. I also love the cactus design. It’s extremely cute!

Hanging Alphabet Decoration – Oliver Bonas

I see a lot of these metal letters around, but this hanging decoration could either go up in your room, or it could be used for Christmas and be put right up on the tree.


So I hope that this list is helpful, but it’s a couple of cute stocking filler ideas, that you may or may not think suits the person you’re buying for.

-Arty AllsortsXOXO (2)